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Get a Free Talk Live Bumper Sticker

FTL 11x3" bumper stickers are free! Just send a self-addressed stamped envelope (this means that in the envelope you send to us, you include an empty envelope that you have stamped and addressed to yourself, so we can put the bumper sticker in and send it back) to:
Free Talk Live
63 Emerald St. #610
Keene, NH 03431


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When you visit our show in the iTunes music store, you will see a button that lets you wright a review. Write a good review for us and don’t forget to rank us, giving us as many stars as you can. WRITE A REVIEW IN iTUNES NOW!


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Print one of our Flyers to put up in your community

We have several versions of our printable flyers. The Original One - Don't have a station near you - This flyer is great for you. A Customizabable One - Great if you have a local station that plays the show - Spread the word! The Liberty Wanted Poster - Only one per page with this attention getter. Good for Telephone Poles, Post Offices (just kidding) and Coffee Shops. Also, here's a business card-sized graphic. Want to meet other people trying to promote Free Talk Live in your area, as well as find information that may already exist about radio stations and program directors that have already been called, or might be on the fence? Visit


Request FTL at your local talk radio station

Get tips on calling local talk stations and requesting FTL at


Web Banners

You are welcome to post these all over the internet! New banners can appear anytime so check back to grab the latest style. Be sure to scroll all the way down the page as there are a lot from which to choose!

Free Talk LiveFree Talk Live
Buddy Icons

80 x 15 Tiny Banner
90 x 55 Misc Banner
120 x 240 FTL Animated Banner
120 x 600 Shrine Skyscraper Banner
120 x 600 Shrine Skyscraper Banner
120 x 600 Shrine Skyscraper Banner
120 x 600 Shrine Skyscraper Banner
120 x 600 Shrine Skyscraper Banner
120 x 600 Shrine Skyscraper Banner
120 x 600 Shrine Skyscraper Banner
120 x 120 Mini Square Side Bar Banner
120 x 600 Skyscraper Banner
125 x 100 Amp Banner
129 x 89 Misc Rect Banner
150 x 150 Square Banner
160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper Banner
160 x 160 Square Side Bar Banner
248 x 140 Misc Banner
300 x 250 Large Rectangle Banner
300 x 100 Short Side Bar Banner
300 x 300 Big Square Side Bar Banner
314 x 86 Logo Banner
430 x 86 FTL Logo Banner
468 x 60 Banner
728 x 90 Mega Banner
728 x 90 Shrine Mega Banner
728 x 90 Shrine Mega Banner
728 x 90 Shrine Mega Banner
728 x 90 Shrine Mega Banner
728 x 90 Shrine Mega Banner
728 x 90 Shrine Mega Banner

Banners hosted on our servers are subject to being changed at any time in order to match the current design schemes and themes that the Free Talk Live site is using. You are welcome to take and self - host these banners, after all, it saves us bandwidth costs, but we do not mind if you directly link the banners as we probably will update and improve upon some of our older banners as we go, and we love to know that we are putting our 'best foot forward'.


Want to make your own banners and graphics???

Now you can. Get the Free Talk Live Graphics kit. This area will be gradually updated with additional helpful files and information for artists and creative folk who seek to show their skills in creating additional promotional materials for Free Talk Live. Here are two formats to suit any possible logo need you might have - The logo presented here is in either Scalable Vector Graphic Format, or Adobe Illustrator - which can be rasterized to ANY size you might need - If you want to plaster a real life skyscraper with the FTL logo in super crisp detail - this format will work for you. If you want to make a 10pixel by 10 pixel mini icon - This format will work for you.
Click here to download the Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg) version

Click here to download the Adobe Illustrator (.ai) version

Click here to download an Adobe Illustrator (.ai) version with both the logo and text.

Want to make something a little more involved - like a flyer - or a bigger banner. You may need the font we use to create the cracked Free Talk Live text. It's called "Opium". It's a freely available True Type Font.
Windows Users - OPIUM.TTF

Mac Users - OPIUM.SIT

Air Times & Contact

LIVE 7 Days a Week!
Mon-Sun: 7pm-10pm Eastern

Call toll-free:

You can also Skype us.

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Free Talk Live 2.5

Welcome Free Talk Live 2.5! Now, with Reddit!
You'll need a Reddit account before you can vote on and submit show prep. (That is different from your FTL/AMP account.)

The content here is the same as you will see on the FTL Subreddit. Please submit bug reports on the appropriate BBS subforum.

Enjoy the new site and thanks for submitting your content!


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