Police Officers wear pot leaves on uniform.

Posted October 31st, 2010 by Murkan Mike

Police Officers In Germany wear Marijuana Leafs on official Uniform.

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Cop Blocks Bike Lane To Ticket Cyclists For Not Using Lane

Posted October 28th, 2010 by jmn

Sometimes the NYPD's inanity is so perfect, so immaculately risible, that you just want to burst into applause and toss a bouquet of roses onto the hood of a squad car. Today is one of those days. According to a tipster, a cop parked in the bike lane on First Avenue near 23rd Street proceeded to write tickets for cyclists who weren't using the bike lane, because they had to ride around him to get by.

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New Orleans to dump surveillance cameras

Posted October 28th, 2010 by error

In seven years, New Orleans' crime camera program has yielded six indictments: three for crimes caught on video and three for bribes and kickbacks a vendor is accused of paying a former city official to sell the cameras to City Hall.

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Breathalyzer twice a day or rape cage!

Posted October 27th, 2010 by error

The rural US state of South Dakota is curbing crime with an alcohol sobriety program that is catching the attention of policy makers in regions as far away as Hawaii and the UK.

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Colorado Springs to spend Pot taxes on more Pot Cops

In a twist that should surprise no one familiar with how governments operate, the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado has announced that they may fund a new police unit using taxes on medical marijuana businesses.  The unit, which would be part of the Colorado Springs Police Department, would be tasked with monitoring MMJ businesses

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Former Cop Turned Video Activist Featured in USA Today

Posted October 22nd, 2010 by KareFree

"Diop Kamau was a cop in California when his father was roughed up during a traffic stop by officers from another police department.

That incident prompted Kamau to quit his job as an officer and begin a new career documenting police abuses on videotape, especially those involving racial profiling, since he and his father are black.

This happened in the late 1980s, well before the internet began regularly broadcasting police abuse videos and even before the infamous Rodney King video.

Today, he runs a website titled Police Abuse where he frequently posts videos of these encounters."

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Officer Bubbles Sues To Find Out Identity Of Anonymous YouTubers

Posted October 21st, 2010 by loungedaddy

Perhaps the most noteworthy G20 Toronto story that got attention was the story of "Officer Bubbles," the name given to a police officer, named Adam Josephs, who threatened to arrest a woman for assault if the bubbles she was blowing landed on him.
Officer Bubbles became a bit of an internet phenomenon, and others built on it, as normally happens in internet memes. Apparently, one person made cartoon versions of Officer Bubble arresting various famous people, such as President Obama and Santa Claus. Because of that, Officer Adam Josephs has now filed a $1.2 million defamation lawsuit.

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Police Officer Injured After Shooting Self in Foot

Posted October 17th, 2010 by _ndp

Cop shoots himself in foot during Advanced Officer Survival Class...

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The Saga Of Officer Bubbles

Posted October 17th, 2010 by shweeen

20-year-old Courtney Winkels, a social worker from outside Toronto, blows bubbles near a line of police during the G20 summit of world leaders. Const. Adam Josephs, better known as 'Officer Bubbles,' appears on the scene to inform Winkels that "if the bubble touches me, you're going to be arrested for assault." Winkels puts the bubbles away while continuing to receive arrest threats from the officer. Moments later, Winkels is arrested.

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Orlando Police Officer Travis Lamont Cleared Of Wrongdoing.

Posted October 15th, 2010 by TJLawJX

Police in Orlando have concluded the level of force used in a takedown on an elderly man last month was approved.

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