California Councilman Accused of Sexual Battery

Posted July 4th, 2012 by ecigarettes

A Santa Ana City Council member accused of sexual battery and other charges was described Tuesday as a "well-connected" man who used his management power to prey on female employees. More details were released Tuesday morning when the Orange County District Attorney outlined charges against Carlos Bustamante, the former administration manager for the Orange County Public Works Department who was arrested on his way to a city council meeting Monday. "He had a type," said OC District Attorney Tony Rackauckas.

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Sitting On Our Assets

Posted June 26th, 2012 by error

The United States government has no idea how much real property it holds that is unused or underutilized and could be sold or transferred, according to a government audit.

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New World Order Blueprint Leaked

The recently leaked details of the Trans Pacific Partnership "free trade" agreement should send a shiver down everyones' spine. The document masquerading as a "free trade" agreement is nothing less that a plan for total CORPORATE GLOBAL GOVERNANCE. It was negotiated in secret for 2-1/2 years with no public or congressional oversight. When combined with other developments and recently passed legislation, the implications of this agreement are ominous.

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Police State Checkpoint Nullification in Upper Moreland, PA

The problem with these checkpoints is that they're warrantless, arbitrary searches. This goes against all standards of civilized behavior and is not tolerable in a free society. Not only are checkpoints violating our rights they're not effective. "Traditional police patrols are three times more likely to locate genuinely impaired drivers than these suspicionless checkpoints," according to James Babb, founder of the Valley Forge Revolutionaries. "So not only are these checkpoints blatantly immoral and illegal, they're also a waste of police time and tax dollars.

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Reasons why the Republicans and Democrats are always at odds

Posted May 24th, 2012 by lobb40118

Now let’s look at the two teams. On one side you have the big government national socialist Republicans and on the other you have the big government international socialist Democrats. One side wants to use corporate and special interest money to grow the military industrial complex and promote jingoism. The other wants to use corporate, labor and special interest money to grow the nanny state and promote international one world government socialism...... Read more click the link

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Review of “Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story”

“A Hard Road to Reality”
by Cody Hall ||

Sibel Edmond’s story is one that history knows all too well. So long as the people of this world are indoctrinated into accepting the illusion of authority, there will be stories of those strong willed people that strive for truth & justice that must walk the hard road to reality.

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A man is dying because of negligence

Personal story and more information about the Orlando postal worker who said a mysterious package from Yemen made him ill

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30,000 Drones Coming to the Skies of America says Judge Napolitano.

Posted May 17th, 2012 by Tom Foppiano

Earlier this week, the federal government announced that the Air Force might be dispatching drones to a backyard near you. The stated purpose of these spies in the sky is to assist local police to find missing persons or kidnap victims, or to chase bad guys.......

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2012-04-27 Liberty Underground Radio Show

Posted April 29th, 2012 by ssj12

Alex, Adrian, Loring, and Danielle talk about Marco Rubio’s speech where he recommends increasing the national debt to go for more foreign aid, we discuss the proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would strip all rights from corporations and the effect that will have on individual rights, we discuss CISPA and how it’s may be worse and farther reaching that SOPA and PIPA, Desk of Brian gives our our weekly dose of weird news, and we ask if America has time left before the total collapse to elect another Democrat or establishment Republican.

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A (late) Tax Day Reminder: You are a Slave

A while ago I had a conversation with a friend of mine who had recently graduated from college. He was, coincidently, a Socialist who was espousing the virtues of public schools and Socialized Medicine. He was, however, unwilling to admit that those things were paid for through the threat of violence from the state. If I do not pay my taxes, I explained to him, then I will be arrested. If I do not want to be arrested and I choose to defend myself I will likely be shot and killed.

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