Mosque reports FBI informant to the FBI for jihad talk


An FBI informant infiltrated the Islamic Center of Irvine, where he says he spied on dozens of worshipers in a quest for potential terrorists. Monteilh's mission as an informant backfired. Muslims were so alarmed by his talk of violent jihad that they obtained a restraining order against him.

He had helped build a terrorism-related case against a mosque member, but that also collapsed.

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The analyst who refused to wear an FBI wire and let his clients know


John Kinnucan of technology research firm Broadband Research was approached by the FBI who asked him to wear a wire to capture conversations with his clients. He refused and sent an email to his clients (many of the large hedge funds) informing them of the approach by the FBI.

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Massive US Intel Cost Revealed: $80 Billion for 2010


US government offers first full disclosure of spying costs ever.

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Student finds FBI tracking device on his car.


An American student finds an FBI tracking device on his car. After posting pictures of the device online, the FBI contacts him and asks for the "expensive" device back. (And by ask, I mean they threatened to throw him in a cage indefinitely.)

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Reddit.com - khaledthegypsy: Does this mean the FBI is after us


Me and my friend went to the mechanic today and we found this on his car. http://imgur.com/OM6nE.jpg i am pretty confident it is a tracking device by the FBI but my friend's roommates think it is a bomb..any thoughts? The FBI had interest in my friend since his father passed away, as he was a religious muslim leader and they've made attempts at contacting my friend to spew racist questions.

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Libertarians and Socialists Protest the FBI's Raids


In the face of the government's attempts to silence antiwar activism, libertarians and socialists came together to protest. The object of their outrage was the series of raids conducted by the FBI on antiwar activists in Minnesota, Chicago, Michigan, and North Carolina; and the issuance of subpoenas to appear before a grand jury to many of the same. While the government claims that the raids are seeking evidence of material support of terrorism, the peace activists insist that it is a fishing expedition intended to harass.

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Hundreds protest FBI raids on anti-war activists


Hundreds of protesters gathered outside FBI offices in Minneapolis and Chicago on Monday, bearing signs and shouting chants condemning the agency's recent searches of homes and offices of anti-war activists in both cities.

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Report: Significant cheating by FBI agents on exam


WASHINGTON — A Justice Department investigation has found that FBI agents, including several supervisors, cheated on an important test covering the bureau’s policies for conducting surveillance on Americans.

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FBI: No Probable Cause Required For Surveillance


FBI has no need for probable cause. War on Islam. War on "terrorists".

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The underpants bomber was an inside job.


The useful idiot with smoke in his underpants who failed to blow up the plane was allowed onto the flight by federal agents.There are several witnesses who saw this happen and also saw someone filming him the entire flight even before his underpants caught on fire.

So now we have full body scanners and bureaucrats pushing for more inroads into our lives.What targets will the feds let be attaced next that will allow a totalitarian police state to fully exist ? In the current climate of fear they will be able to push this through without any resistance.

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